When your design requires fine lines and details in a specific color range rather than in metal, or when your image is a painting or photograph. Offset printed pins use the latest printing technology and each design is printed directly onto the pin. A clear protective epoxy coating is applied to the surface to protect the image. Offset printed pins are an excellent choice if your original design has color gradients or if you need to retain the integrity and detail of your artwork.

Hard Enamel

These Lapel Pins are made to create fun, three-dimensional rendition of your logo or design. PVC Lapel Pins are manufactured using a mold, the resulting sculpture can be flat, 2D, 3D or full relief. Not only can you have your PVC Lapel Pin made using the standard PMS colors, you can also have them made with neon or make them glow in the dark.

Custom Design PVC Lapel Pins are affordable, cost effective and can be used in a variety of situations. It is a great way to create a custom design image or logo.

Made of a rubberized PVC, the pins are lighter in weight so larger pin sizes can be created. A PVC Lapel Pin will stand out for whomever wears it.

Die struck lapel pins are crafted by stamping the design onto highly polished metal, creating a 3D appearance.  Crafted without color, these die struck lapel pins are cut out and plated in your desired metal and finish. Recessed areas can be sandblasted for added texture and definition or cut out to highlight the design.  Simple outlines, large text, and clearly defined logos stand out extremely well on a die struck lapel pin.

Offset Printed

Hard enamel pins are the highest quality of enamel pins.  Also known as cloisonné pins, they are first die-struck with a design leaving raised and recessed areas. Enamel paint is filled into the recessed areas, hardened by heat at very high temperatures, and then polished off smooth. Each color area is surrounded by a thin metal line that keeps the enamel in its spot, but the entire pin surface will be smooth.

The ancient art of casting metal from a mold gets a modern twist with our custom cast process. Sophisticated electronic equipment drastically reduces the time involved in producing your die cast lapel pins, so you get the quality and attention to detail that you expect and get your pins in a fraction of the time.

Soft Enamel


Die Struck

Soft enamel pins feature a look nearly identical to cloisonné pins, but at a lower price. First, we stamp the design of your pins into your choice of metals, creating raised and recessed areas on the surface. Then we fill the recessed areas with a special enamel paint, adding color to your design.

Die Cast

Custom Lapel Pins